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Joyent Triton Object Storage 🇺🇸
Version 6

Triton's Object Storage, Joyent's converged analytics solution, is an open-source, HTTP-based object store that allows users to run arbitrary compute on data at rest (i.e., without copying data out of the object store). It provides a familiar Unix-like filesystem that's familiar for developers and enables features not available in other object storage solutions.

Access to Triton Object Storage for users that would have previously needed the aid of a developer. As the first GUI-based client for Triton, Cyberduck makes it possible for non-technical users to work with their organization's most important data, share and archive files, and even retrieve the results of compute jobs. Explore your files using the hierarchical tree view, search for files recursively with the Search feature, or use the Edit feature to quickly modify remote files.

Connection Profiles

  • Download Joyent Triton Object Storage (us-east) connection profile