Cyberduck Mountain Duck CLI

Cyberduck is free software, but it still costs money to write, support, and distribute it. As a contributor you receive a registration key that disables the donation prompt. Or buy Cyberduck from the Mac App Store or Windows Store.

Free Software. Free software is a matter of the users freedom to run, copy, distribute, study, change and improve the software. The continued donations of users is what allows Cyberduck to be available for free today. If you find this program useful, please consider making a donation or buy the version from the Mac App Store or Windows Store. It will help to make Cyberduck even better!

Get a registration key. As a contributor (minimum amount 10 USD) you receive a registration key that registers the installed application to your name and disables the donation prompt that is otherwise displayed after installing or updating Cyberduck. The registration key can be used on multiple computers but is personal and is not to be shared.


This name will be used to issue the registration key.

The registration key will be sent to this address.


You can send money by IBAN. You will have to request a registration key after the transaction has been completed.

To iterate GmbH
Bank Postfinance, 3030 Bern
IBAN CH72 0900 0000 6068 9419 1

Registration Key Recovery

The registration key is sent to you by email automatically after the transaction has been completed. To recover a lost registration key, enter your email address below to look it up.

Open the received registration key with Cyberduck by double clicking. Make sure the filename of the registration key attached ends with .cyberducklicense. Refer to the wiki if you have trouble receiving or opening the key.


Request a receipt for your bookkeeping.