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Cyberduck 3.5 Released

Beijing, Jun 09, 2010

A major new version of Cyberduck is now available, featuring support to store and retrieve documents from Google Docs. Google Docs support allows you to access your documents from within Cyberduck. It allows you to (1) download documents to various export formats, (2) Uploads documents to your Google Docs account for storage or choose to convert documents to Google Docs forma, (3) optionally convert PNG, JPEG and GIF images to Google Docs text documents using Optical Character Recognition (OCR). Users with a Google Apps Premier Account can upload aribtrary files not supported by any of the Google Docs editor application.

With the continued integration of new features announced by the major cloud storage options, Cyberduck remains the first choice on the Mac to manage the distribution of content in the cloud with the most user friendly interface. Support for various new features of the cloud storage providers Amazon S3 and Rackspace Cloudfiles have been added in this release. Metadata (HTTP headers) editing of files for both protocols are now supported in the Info panel which allows to store custom meta information along with the files and set HTTP headers like Cache-Control and Expires to fine tune object expiration for advanced users of Amazon CloudFront or Rackspace Limelight (CDN).

Specific to S3 is the support to specify the storage redundancy level of files. The Reduced Redundancy Storage (RRS) option to reduce costs by storing non-critical, reproducible data at lower levels of redundancy than the standard storage of Amazon S3. Also the newly available Asia Pacific (Singapore) location to create buckets is now supported. The option to configure Access Logs is now available for CloudFront streaming distributions, too.

Users that make use of SecureID (or similar) one time token devices can now login to SFTP sessions using keyboard-interactive authentiation improving security in corporate and academic IT environments.

The latest release now additionally includes a Georgian, Slovenian and Romanian localization, totaling the number of translations to over 30 making it one of the most widely internationalized software available for Mac OS X.

Please refer to for a more detailed list of changes in this release. Users can upgrade using the automatic 'Check for Update...' feature. Mac OS X 10.5 or later required.

About Cyberduck

Cyberduck is an open source FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, Cloud Files, S3 and Google Docs browser for the Mac. It features an easy to use interface with quickly accessible bookmarks. The outline view of the browser allows to browse large folder structures efficiently and you can quickly preview files with Quick Look. To edit files, a seamless integration with any external editor application makes it easy to change content quickly. Both Amazon CloudFront and Cloud Files from Rackspace can be easily configured to distribute your content in the cloud. Many OS X core system technologies such as Spotlight, Bonjour and the Keychain are supported and 30 translations make you feel at home.


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