Release notes and previous releases. There are also snapshot and beta builds available featuring the latest bugfixes and enhancements.

5.4.4 (23962) Apr-18-2017
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  • [Bugfix] Multipart uploads do not resume (S3)
  • [Bugfix] Field in login prompt disabled to enter authentication code (OAuth 2.0)

5.4.3 (23925) Apr-13-2017
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  • [Bugfix] Interoperability with PROPFIND for listing folders (WebDAV)
  • [Bugfix] Failed to generate HMAC (Spectra S3)
  • [Bugfix] Quick Look only works one time (#9889)

5.4.2 (23825) Apr-04-2017

  • [Bugfix] Updated localizations

5.4.1 (23816) Apr-03-2017

  • [Feature] Faster recursive delete with single operation for directories (WebDAV)
  • [Bugfix] Reload OpenSSH configuration (SFTP)
  • [Bugfix] Revert lenient server reply parsing (FTP)

5.4.0 (23761) Mar-14-2017
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  • [Feature] Search files fast without recursively listing directories (Google Drive)
  • [Feature] Add "Open single connection" option for file transfers
  • [Bugfix] Failure enabling download distribution (CloudFront) (#9870)
  • [Bugfix] Authentication failure when using PAM (iRODS) (#9872)
  • [Bugfix] Increasing memory usage when browsing folders
  • [Bugfix] Drastically reduced initial memory usage (#9878)

5.3.9 (23624) Mar-01-2017
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  • [Bugfix] Failure dragging files to browser for upload (Mac) (#9860)

5.3.8 (23611) Mar-01-2017
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  • [Bugfix] NTLM authentication failure for uploads (Sharepoint) (#9855)
  • [Bugfix] Selected client certificate cleared from bookmark after opening connection (#9842)

5.3.7 (23440) Feb-13-2017
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  • [Bugfix] Include "Shared with me" files (Google Drive)
  • [Bugfix] Unable to add new item to metadata (S3) (#9844)
  • [Bugfix] Crash in periodic background update check (#9845)

5.3.6 (23386) Feb-06-2017

  • [Bugfix] Crash for connections requiring TLS connection handshake (Windows CLI)

5.3.5 (23361) Feb-02-2017

  • [Bugfix] Freeze of browser after idle timeout (#9829)
  • [Bugfix] Crash for connections requiring TLS connection handshake (Windows Store)

5.3.4 (23328) Jan-31-2017
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  • [Bugfix] Error duplicating folders (FTP) (#9818)
  • [Bugfix] Cannot read distribution details (CloudFront) (#9823)
  • [Bugfix] Failure setting attributes for uploaded files with temporary filename option enabled (#9819)

5.3.3 (23221) Jan-19-2017
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  • [Bugfix] Downloads fail with exception after completion (OpenStack Swift) (#9814)

5.3.2 (23205) Jan-18-2017
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  • [Bugfix] Synchronize transfers fail with exception
  • [Bugfix] Repeat transfer failures due to HTTP request timeout (Backblaze B2)

5.3.1 (23190) Jan-18-2017

  • [Feature] Availability in Windows App Store

5.3.0 (23185) Jan-18-2017
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  • [Feature] Use multiple connections in browser for parallel background task executions
  • [Feature] Choose certificate in bookmark panel for mutual authentication with TLS (WebDAV)
  • [Feature] Choose SSH private key from list in bookmark panel and login prompt (SFTP)
  • [Feature] Use marker and delimiter for listing files (Backblaze B2)
  • [Feature] Option to resume uploads (Azure) (#9770)
  • [Feature] Support for ca-central-1 (Montreal) region (S3)
  • [Feature] Support for eu-west-2 (London) region (S3)
  • [Bugfix] Repeated prompt for client certificate (WebDAV) (#9746)
  • [Bugfix] Modification of distinct metadata for multiple selected files (WebDAV, Azure, S3, OpenStack Swift)
  • [Bugfix] Modification of distinct permissions for multiple selected files (FTP, SFTP)
  • [Bugfix] Wrong default editor selected (Windows) (#9256)
  • [Bugfix] Failure sorting by modification date in browser (#9801)
  • [Bugfix] Invalidations for files with special characters (Cloudfront) (#9748)

5.2.3 (21496) Nov-06-2016

  • [Bugfix] Crash opening Preferences (Windows) (#9749)

5.2.2 (21483) Nov-04-2016
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  • [Feature] Toggle transfer acceleration for bucket in Info panel (S3)
  • [Feature] Support OpenSSH private key format for ed25519 keys (SFTP) (#8548)

5.2.1 (21373) Oct-26-2016

  • [Feature] All embedded assemblies are cryptographically signed (Windows)
  • [Bugfix] Paginate directory listings (Dropbox)
  • [Bugfix] Ignore permission failure for reading transfer acceleration configuration (S3) (#9741)

5.2 (21317) Oct-20-2016
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  • [Feature] Support connecting to Dropbox (Dropbox) (#6427)
  • [Feature] Tabbed windows (macOS 10.12) (#5998)
  • [Feature] Support transfer acceleration (S3) (#9570)
  • [Feature] Provide URL references to Google Apps documents in browser (Google Drive)
  • [Feature] Support for US East (Ohio) region (S3)
  • [Feature] Support for Asia Pacific (Seoul) region (S3)
  • [Feature] Support for Asia Pacific (Mumbai) region (S3)

5.1.3 (20962) Oct-05-2016
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  • [Bugfix] Normalize (NFC) filenames (SFTP)
  • [Bugfix] Overwriting file creates duplicate (Google Drive)

5.1.2 (20920) Sep-08-2016

  • [Bugfix] Crash importing bookmarks from ExpanDrive (Windows) (#9672)

5.1.1 (20904) Aug-30-2016

  • [Feature] Allow connections with AWS2 signature version using connection profile (S3) (#9667)
  • [Bugfix] Cleanup temporary files on application exit
  • [Bugfix] Certificate trust error connecting to (S3) (#9668)

5.0.11 (20753) Aug-02-2016
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  • [Bugfix] Resuming file transfer starts over and errors out (Backblaze B2) (#9598)
  • [Bugfix] Notification icon persists after application closed (Windows) (#9613)
  • [Bugfix] Missing CDN URLs in copy menu item (Rackspace Cloudfiles) (#9638)

5.0.10 (20675) Jul-19-2016

  • [Feature] Handle URL events and open browser or start file transfer (Windows)
  • [Bugfix] Retain container permission when updating ACL after upload complete for file (Backblaze B2)
  • [Bugfix] Display incomplete multipart uploads as hidden files in browser (S3)

5.0.9 (20675) Jul-19-2016
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  • [Feature] Allow silent application update in background (Mac)
  • [Feature] Display in-progress multipart uploads in browser (S3)
  • [Feature] Importer for bookmarks from Transmit 4 (Mac)
  • [Bugfix] Allow to select encryption keys from KMS different from default us-east-1 region (S3) (#9617)
  • [Bugfix] Uncomfirmed reads are unbounded (SFTP) (#9603)
  • [Bugfix] Mismatch for MD5 checksum when downloading large object (OpenStack Swift) (#8861)

5.0.8 (20624) Jul-04-2016

  • [Feature] Register protocol handler for irods:// (#9614)
  • [Bugfix] Listing directory failure on folder with ~ in path (S3) (#9611)

5.0.7 (20604) Jun-29-2016

  • [Bugfix] Missing upload notification after editing file (Mac) (#9596)
  • [Bugfix] Stale entries in directory cache when deleting folder (#9608)

5.0.6 (20566) Jun-25-2016

  • [Feature] Signed application executable (Windows)

5.0.5 (20554) Jun-21-2016

  • [Feature] Set modification date in metadata for uploads (Backblaze B2)

5.0.4 (20539) Jun-20-2016

  • [Bugfix] Allow authentication with client certificate for empty issuer list from server (TLS)

5.0.3 (20504) Jun-17-2016
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  • [Feature] Deleting multiple files concurrently (#9585)
  • [Feature] Set modification date in metadata for uploads (Backblaze B2)

5.0.2 (20379) Jun-08-2016

  • [Bugfix] Fail to list directory with equals symbol in path (S3) (#9574)
  • [Bugfix] Failure to launch program (CLI Linux) (#9586)

5.0.1 (20379) Jun-03-2016
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  • [Feature] Support for hubiC (OVH) (OpenStack Swift) (#7764)
  • [Bugfix] Support authenticating with multiple accounts (Google Drive) (#9567)
  • [Bugfix] Copying files using multipart API (S3) (#9578)

5.0 (20277) May-25-2016
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  • [Feature] Updated user interface; new monochrome toolbar icons (Mac)
  • [Feature] Support for Google Drive (#6976)
  • [Feature] Support for Spectra BlackPearl Deep Storage Gateway (Spectra S3)
  • [Feature] Option to use AWS KMS–Managed Keys (SSE-KMS) for server side encryption (S3) (#9426)
  • [Feature] Default to use AWS4 signature version for authentication (S3)
  • [Feature] Repeat failed transfers for single segments of multipart large file transfer (S3, OpenStack Swift, Backblaze B2)
  • [Bugfix] Retry transfer for 421 error reply from server with a delay (FTP) (#9368)
  • [Bugfix] No prompt for importing WinSCP bookmarks (Windows) (#9208)
  • [Bugfix] Signature mismatch for presigned URLs with AWS4 signing (S3) (#9317, #9479)
  • [Bugfix] Unable to negotiate acceptable set of security parameters (WebDAV) (#9452)
  • [Bugfix] Interoperability with Atlassian Confluence (WebDAV)
  • [Bugfix] Interoperability with Oracle Cloud (OpenStack Swift) (#9223)

4.9.3 (19798) Apr-22-2016
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  • [Bugfix] Revert reading NTLM domain and workstation from environment (WebDAV, Windows)
  • [Bugfix] Fix crash in software updater (Windows)

4.9.2 (19773) Apr-18-2016

  • [Bugfix] Fix application launch failure when running with disabled updater (Mac)

4.9.1 (19769) Apr-18-2016
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  • [Feature] Support password change requests (SFTP) (#8821)
  • [Bugfix] Default path value setting in bookmark ignored (#9435)
  • [Bugfix] Excessive memory usage when uploading many files (#9439)
  • [Bugfix] Retry transfer when authentication token expires (Backblaze B2)
  • [Bugfix] Uploads use a lot of Class C transactions (#9417) (Backblaze B2)

4.9 (19631) Apr-05-2016
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  • [Feature] Support for B2 Cloud Storage (Backblaze B2) (#9162)
  • [Bugfix] Creating new folders with SSE restriction fails (S3) (#9378)
  • [Bugfix] Unable to duplicate folders (#9383)
  • [Bugfix] Routing failure when connecting to IPv6 address (#8802)

4.8.4 (19355) Mar-18-2016
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  • [Bugfix] Restore compatibility with OS X 10.7 (Mac)
  • [Bugfix] No such file error when choosing Rename Existing in transfer overwrite prompt (#9342)
  • [Bugfix] Disable updater when missing admin privilege (#9155) (Windows)
  • [Bugfix] Browser tries to expand files as directories (#9340) (Windows)
  • [Bugfix] Authentication always takes a long time (S3) (#9348)
  • [Bugfix] Certificate trust verification failure for four level domains (WebDAV) (#9358)

4.8.3 (19083) Mar-01-2016
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Download MSI Package (Windows)
  • [Bugfix] Fix use of unlimited strength cryptography for strong ciphers (SFTP) (#9325)

4.8.2 (19063) Feb-29-2016
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  • [Bugfix] Installer may fail if newer Bonjour Zeroconf dependency is installed (Windows)
  • [Bugfix] Disable trashing file on overwrite download (#9298)

4.8.1 (19040) Feb-25-2016
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  • [Bugfix] Restore compatibility with OS X 10.7 - 10.9 (Mac)

4.8 (19033) Feb-24-2016
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Windows Vista or later required.

  • [Feature] Multiple connections for transfers enabled by default
  • [Feature] Recursively search for files (#8345)
  • [Feature] Support for key exchange algorithm diffie-hellman-group-exchange-sha256 (SFTP) (#8488)
  • [Feature] Support for key exchange algorithm (SFTP) (#8528)
  • [Feature] Support ssh-ed25519 host keys (SFTP) (#8553)
  • [Feature] Support for authentication with Keystone v3 API (OpenStack Swift) (#8813)
  • [Bugfix] Files greater than 100GB fail to upload (OpenStack Swift) (#9131)
  • [Bugfix] Changed fingerprint prompt and duplicate ECDSA host key entries in ~/.ssh/known_hosts (SFTP) (#8867)
  • [Bugfix] Certificate trust errors for DNS-named buckets (S3) (#3813)
  • [Bugfix] Search is broken always including folders (#9076)

4.7.3 (18402) Oct-25-2015
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  • [Feature] Shared bookmarks and history with CLI and Mountain Duck in application group support directory (Mac)
  • [Feature] Importer for ExpanDrive bookmarks (Mac)
  • [Feature] Authentication with PAM scheme (iRODS)
  • [Bugfix] Files are damaged after being synchronized with mirror action (#8657)
  • [Bugfix] Certificate chain displayed not complete (#8885)
  • [Bugfix] Permission failure deleting files looking for interrupted multipart uploads (S3) (#9000)
  • [Bugfix] Support for Infrequent Access (Standard IA) storage class (S3)
  • [Bugfix] XML validation failure with AccessControlPolicy element (Google Storage) (#9002)
  • [Bugfix] Do not try list containers if default path is provided (OpenStack Swift) (#9038)
  • [Bugfix] Faster connection setup with many containers (OpenStack Swift)
  • [Bugfix] Failure uploading multiple files (iRODS) (#8911)

4.7.2 (18004) Aug-07-2015
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  • [Feature] Delete incomplete multipart uploads when deleting file (S3) (#8920)
  • [Bugfix] Default size of new browser window (Mac) (#8906)
  • [Bugfix] Copying HTTP URL does not work (#8909)
  • [Bugfix] Crash in NSLog (Mac) (#8927)
  • [Bugfix] Unable to select private key (Mac) (#8928, #8933)
  • [Bugfix] Interoperability with Oracle Web Center (#8953)

4.7.1 (17920) Jul-07-2015
Download (Mac) Download (Windows)

  • [Feature] Invalidate multiple files using wildcards (CloudFront)
  • [Bugfix] Interoperability with Ceph S3 (#8779)
  • [Bugfix] Interoperability with Oracle Service Cloud (#8902)
  • [Bugfix] Second level cache not invalidated when reloading browser (#8774)
  • [Bugfix] Subfolder appearing inside folder of same name (S3) (#8769)
  • [Bugfix] Directory removal fails silently (S3) (#8803)
  • [Bugfix] Resuming upload with nested folders (S3)
  • [Bugfix] Routing failure when connecting to IPv6 address because of wrong default network interface (#8802)
  • [Bugfix] MD5 checksum failure for downloads (WebDAV) (#8798)
  • [Bugfix] MD5 checksum failure for large object downloads (OpenStack Swift) (#8861)
  • [Bugfix] Segmented upload marked as incomplete (OpenStack Swift) (#8859)
  • [Bugfix] Failure cancelling queued transfer (#8844)
  • [Bugfix] Copy & Paste menu items disabled (Mac) (#8849)
  • [Bugfix] Support retrieving files from buckets from Requester Pays Buckets (S3) (#8893)

4.7 (17432) Apr-24-2015
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Mac OS X 10.7 or later required.
  • [Feature] Support multiple connections per transfer (#1135)
  • [Feature] Connecting with temporary access credentials from EC2 (S3) (#8610)
  • [Feature] Verify checksum for downloads if available (WebDAV, S3, OpenStack Swift)
  • [Feature] Using multipart when copying large files (S3) (#8616)
  • [Feature] HTTP proxy tunneling using CONNECT method (#76)
  • [Bugfix] Crash opening preferences window (#8617)
  • [Bugfix] Login with combination of public key authentication one-time passcode (SFTP) (#8597)
  • [Bugfix] Enable multipart uploads for all providers (S3) (#8677)
  • [Bugfix] Incomplete download of files with Content-Encoding header (OpenStack Swift) (#8656)
  • [Bugfix] Failure to download to mounted AFP drive (Mac) (#8670)
  • [Bugfix] Regular connection failures (OpenStack Swift) (#8634)
  • [Bugfix] Handshake failure because of missing strong ciphers to negotiate for TLS (#8703)
  • [Bugfix] Skip DNS resolution when connecting through proxy (#8733)
  • [Bugfix] Disable sending of keep-alive packets for interoperability (SFTP) (#8618)
  • [Bugfix] Repeating connection failures because of server closing control connection (FTP) (#8532)
  • [Bugfix] Filezilla bookmark importer fails to read passwords (#8694)
  • [Bugfix] Unable to enter IPv6 address as hostname (#8696)

4.6.5 (17000) Feb-25-2015
Download (Mac) Download (Windows)

  • [Feature] Support for China (Beijing) region (S3)
  • [Feature] Drag bookmarks from history and Bonjour tab to default bookmarks (#2182)
  • [Bugfix] Some interface items not localized (Mac) (#8538)
  • [Bugfix] Uploading file removes shared access policy (Azure) (#8544)

4.6.4 (16610) Jan-28-2015
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  • [Feature] Send packets to keep connection alive (SFTP)
  • [Bugfix] Crash opening preferences when default editor is no longer installed (Mac) (#8402)
  • [Bugfix] Downloading files with Content-Encoding metadata decompresses and truncates the content (S3) (#8263)
  • [Bugfix] Interoperability issue with MLSD replies (FTP) (#8511)
  • [Bugfix] Allow Web URL configuration for OpenStack Swift and S3 (#8516)

4.6.3 (16490) Jan-17-2015
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  • [Bugfix] Occasional failure verifying donation keys

4.6.2 (16480) Jan-15-2015
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  • [Feature] Recursively change storage class and encryption (S3) (#8421)
  • [Bugfix] Crash opening preferences when default editor is no longer installed (Mac) (#8402)
  • [Bugfix] Crash reading proxy settings (Mac) (#8414)
  • [Bugfix] No minimum size set for windows (Mac) (#8446)
  • [Bugfix] AWS Signature Version 4 for presigned temporary URLs (S3) (#8386)
  • [Bugfix] Transfer incomplete message uploading folder (S3) (#8432)
  • [Bugfix] Failure using updated password (#8463)
  • [Bugfix] Retain custom metadata when overwriting files (S3, OpenStack Swift) (#8469)

4.6.1 (16121) Dec-18-2014
Download (Mac) Download (Windows)

  • [Bugfix] Uploads to buckets in eu-central-1 (S3) (#8375)
  • [Bugfix] Supporting both Project ID and Project Number for login username (Google Storage) (#8352)
  • [Bugfix] Failure to read attributes downloading bucket (S3) (#8388)
  • [Bugfix] Wrong timestamp in temporary URL (OpenStack Swift) (#8384)

4.6 (15810) Nov-20-2014
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  • [Feature] Support PAC files for proxy configuration (Mac) (#2607)
  • [Feature] Add support for buckets in region eu-central-1 (Frankfurt) (S3) (#8302)
  • [Feature] Support authentication signature version AWS4-HMAC-SHA256 (S3) (#8302)
  • [Feature] Improved error reporting on connection failures
  • [Feature] Verify MD5 checksum for multipart uploads (S3)
  • [Feature] Disabled SSLv3 (HTTP)
  • [Feature] Improved performance downloading and mirroring files
  • [Bugfix] Connecting using authentication with SSH agent (SFTP)
  • [Bugfix] Interoperability with SSH Tectia Server (#8166)
  • [Bugfix] Interoperability with Eucalyptus Object Storage (S3) (#8216)
  • [Bugfix] Reconnect on disconnect (#8205)
  • [Bugfix] Remember last selected directory per bookmark in upload and save panel (#8242)
  • [Bugfix] Edited file with unicode character in parent path does not upload on save (#8244) (Mac)
  • [Bugfix] Repeat failed networking tasks by default (#8237)
  • [Bugfix] Allow connecting to accounts with a multitude of containers (OpenStack Swift) (#8198)

4.5.2 (15055) Aug-26-2014
Download (Mac) Download (Mac Universal) Download (Windows)

  • [Feature] Network diagnose option in connection failure alert (Windows)
  • [Bugfix] Folder contents in directory placeholders not listed (OpenStack Swift) (#8094)
  • [Bugfix] Use version 2 for sealed resources for compatibility with OS X 10.9.5 and later (Gatekeeper)
  • [Bugfix] Synchronize fails to add new local files (#8096)
  • [Bugfix] Wrong public key fingerprint displayed (SFTP) (#8173)
  • [Bugfix] Expanding a folder resets the scroll position (#7941) (Windows)

4.5.1 (14915) Jul-26-2014
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  • [Bugfix] Connection failure when sandboxing denies access to ~/.ssh/known_hosts (SFTP) (#8102)

4.5 (14905) Jul-22-2014
Download (Mac) Download (Mac Universal) Download (Windows)

  • [Feature] Connecting to Windows Azure Blob Storage (Azure) (#6521)
  • [Feature] New SSH/SFTP protocol implementation
  • [Feature] TLS mutual (two-way) authentication with client certificate (WebDAV, FTP-TLS) (#5883)
  • [Feature] Public key authentification using SSH agent (SFTP) (Mac) (#75)
  • [Feature] Public key authentification using Pageant (SFTP) (Windows) (#75)
  • [Feature] GZIP Compression (SFTP) (#123)
  • [Feature] ECDSA public key authentication (SFTP) (#7938)
  • [Feature] Notifications in system tray (Windows) (#8007)
  • [Bugfix] Broken pipe with uploads (S3) (#7964, #7621)
  • [Bugfix] 404 error response when downloading folders (S3, OpenStack Swift) (#7971, #8064)
  • [Bugfix] Repeated prompt for private key password (SFTP) (#8009)
  • [Bugfix] Open in Putty (SFTP, Windows) (#8063)

4.4.5 (14721) Jun-10-2014
Download (Mac) Download (Mac Universal) Download (Windows)

  • [Bugfix] Failure copying folders from server to server (#7946)
  • [Bugfix] Sort order of bookmarks not remembered (#7959#7959)
  • [Bugfix] Duplicate files in synchronization prompt (#7645#7645)
  • [Bugfix] 404 error response when downloading folders (S3) (#7971#7971)
  • [Bugfix] Null pointer downloading symbolic link with non existent target (SFTP) (#7974#7974)
  • [Bugfix] Only single login attempt possible (WebDAV) (#7940#7940)

4.4.4 (14505) Apr-24-2014
Download (Mac) Download (Mac Universal) Download (Windows)

  • [Feature] Default region selected in create folder panel (Openstack Swift) (#7678)
  • [Feature] Two-factor authentication (SFTP, Google Authenticator) (#7573)
  • [Bugfix] Support TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 (Windows) (#7637)
  • [Bugfix] Failure validating some certificates with untrusted root certificate authority (SYSS-2014-004) (Windows)
  • [Bugfix] Could not generate DH keypair (FTP-TLS, Windows) (#7738)
  • [Bugfix] File segments not deleted when a large object is overwritten or manifest is deleted (Openstack Swift) (#7682, #7679)
  • [Bugfix] Re-authentication failure (Openstack Swift) (#7608)
  • [Bugfix] Downloading dynamic large object fails (Openstack Swift) (#7693)
  • [Bugfix] Cannot update ACL with anonymous grant (S3) (#7726)
  • [Bugfix] Could not generate DH keypair (FTP-TLS, Windows) (#7738)
  • [Bugfix] ACL not maintained when replacing files (S3) (#7756)
  • [Bugfix] UNIX permissions not maintained when replacing files (SFTP)
  • [Bugfix] Handle missing directory marker files objects on delete (Openstack Swift) (#7876)
  • [Bugfix] Make "Skip" transfer option only apply to files (#7653)
  • [Bugfix] Regular expression filter ignored for synchronization transfer (#7840)
  • [Bugfix] Provide X-Cdn-Ios-Uri (Rackspace Cloudfiles)
  • [Bugfix] Local file timestamp changed during file compare (#7789)
  • [Bugfix] Option to follow redirects on PUT (WebDAV) (#6586)

4.4.3 (14140) Nov-28-2013
Download (Mac) Download (Mac Universal) Download (Windows)

  • [Feature] Support TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 (#7637)
  • [Bugfix] Permission change for folders on upload (#7635)
  • [Bugfix] Some files downloaded get truncated (SFTP) (#7641)

4.4.2 (14095) Nov-21-2013
Download (Mac) Download (Mac Universal) Download (Windows)

  • [Feature] Copy temporary signed URLs (Openstack Swift) (#7018)
  • [Bugfix] Fallback on missing bulk delete support (Openstack Swift) (#7603)
  • [Bugfix] Accessibility for blind users in Transfer window (VoiceOver) (#1343)

4.4.1 (13952) Nov-15-2013
Download (Mac) Download (Mac Universal) Download (Windows)

  • [Feature] Large (5GB) object uploads (Openstack Swift) (#6056)
  • [Bugfix] Code signing requirements for embedded bundles (Mac)
  • [Bugfix] Temporary URL for containers with whitespace (Openstack Swift)
  • [Bugfix] Prompt to switch to secured FTP Connection always shows (#7510)
  • [Bugfix] Sandboxing denies access to SSH keys (Mac) (#7208)
  • [Bugfix] Partial authentication failure (SFTP) (#7536)
  • [Bugfix] Interoperability with WinSSHD (SFTP) (#7522)
  • [Bugfix] Softlayer connection profiles (Openstack Swift) (#7522)
  • [Bugfix] Prompt for known_hosts file if sandboxing denies access and store security scoped bookmark in Preferences (SFTP, Mac)
  • [Bugfix] Prompt for private key file if sandboxing denies access and store security scoped bookmark in bookmark (SFTP, Mac)
  • [Bugfix] Content type reset to application/octet-stream (S3) (#7598)
  • [Bugfix] Listing directory failure with missing permission to read symlink target (SFTP) (#7556)

4.4 (13577) Oct-24-2013
Download (Mac) Download (Mac Universal) Download (Windows)

Mac OS X 10.6 or later required.

Press Release (en)

  • [Feature] Performance improvements
  • [Feature] No Java installation requirement (Mac)
  • [Feature] Resumable multipart uploads (S3) (#6208)
  • [Feature] Bucket lifecycle configuration to archive objects in Glacier (S3) #6830
  • [Feature] Keystone (2.0) authentication support (OpenStack) (#6330)
  • [Feature] Multiple region support (OpenStack) (#6902)
  • [Feature] Set container metadata (OpenStack)
  • [Feature] Edit non prefixed headers (OpenStack) (#7209)
  • [Feature] Support ECHDE cipher suites (WebDAV) (#7344)
  • [Feature] Select region when creating new container (S3, OpenStack)
  • [Feature] Confirmation alert on move and rename in browser (#595)
  • [Feature] Transfer action to skip existing files that match checksum, size or timestamp (#6500)
  • [Feature] Fullscreen option for browser window
  • [Feature] Remember window position of browser window when saving workspace
  • [Feature] Preview file status in overwrite prompt when choosing transfer action
  • [Feature] Option to continue or cancel on failure transferring multiple files
  • [Feature] Display download progress in Finder and Dock
  • [Feature] Enable website configuration for buckets (GreenQloud)
  • [Feature] Option to change default port for custom origin (CloudFront) (#5460)
  • [Feature] Upload with temporary name when saving from external editor
  • [Bugfix] Cannot edit non prefixed headers (OpenStack) (#7209)
  • [Bugfix] Sandboxing denies access to SSH keys (Mac) (#7208)
  • [Bugfix] Quick Look does not display preview (Mac) (#7231)
  • [Bugfix] Failure duplicating files (FTP) (#7224)
  • [Bugfix] Save workspace does not work for multiple browser sessions to the same server (#7213)
  • [Bugfix] Permission error for upload to write-only folder (#6240)
  • [Bugfix] Authentication with none password (SFTP) (#7322)
  • [Bugfix] Interoperability issues (WebDAV) (#7227)
  • [Bugfix] Subsequent edit fails (#7248)
  • [Bugfix] Omit absolute paths in archives (ZIP, TAR) (#6644)
  • [Bugfix] Connect mode fallback failures (FTP) (#5385)
  • [Bugfix] Directory placeholder not displayed if same name as object (OpenStack) (#6988)
  • [Bugfix] Cannot set custom keyboard shortcut (#7045)
  • [Bugfix] Registration with Growl fails (#7274)
  • [Bugfix] Changing permissions resets extended access rights flags (SFTP, FTP) (#3790)
  • [Bugfix] Remember browser column widths (#6034)
  • [Bugfix] Refresh list of thirdparty application bookmarks to import (#6141)
  • [Bugfix] PRET support not working anymore (#7427)

4.3.1 (11010) May-03-2013
Download (Mac) Download (Windows)

  • [Bugfix] Modification date shown as 01.01.1970 (Windows) (#7177)
  • [Bugfix] Filename for edited file includes absolute path (Windows) (#7175)
  • [Bugfix] Change of default editor (Windows) (#7178)
  • [Bugfix] Change bandwidth limit (#7189)
  • [Bugfix] Always asks for permsission to access Keychain (10.6) (#7202)

4.3 (10949) Apr-25-2013
Download (Mac) Download (Windows)

  • [Localize] Arabic Localization
  • [Feature] Retina resolution support (#6760)
  • [Feature] Notification center support (10.8) (#6792)
  • [Feature] Gatekeeper support (10.8) (#6888)
  • [Feature] Application Sandboxing enabled (10.7)
  • [Feature] Bucket location in South America (Sao Paulo) Region (S3)
  • [Feature] Bucket location in Asia Pacific (Sydney) Region (S3)
  • [Feature] One click setup for analytics with Qloudstat (S3, CloudFront, Cloudfiles, Google Storage)
  • [Feature] Multi-Object Delete (S3)
  • [Feature] Interoperability with HP Cloud (Openstack)
  • [Feature] Interoperability with Lunacloud Storage (S3)
  • [Feature] Website Configuration (Google Storage)
  • [Feature] Website Configuration (Cloudfiles)
  • [Feature] Edit container metadata (Cloudfiles)
  • [Feature] Reuse Session key on data connection (FTP/TLS) (#5087)
  • [Bugfix] Hangs editing file in external editor (10.8.2) (#6878)
  • [Bugfix] Moving folders deletes the folder (Cloudfiles) (#6442)
  • [Bugfix] Copy folder from server to server (#6440)
  • [Bugfix] Duplicate folder (#6495)
  • [Bugfix] Interoperability with latest API (CloudFront)
  • [Bugfix] Crash in Rendezvous resolver (#6814)
  • [Bugfix] Java optional install required (App Store) (#6090)
  • [Bugfix] Changes in editor not uploaded when choosing save on close (#6590)
  • [Bugfix] Versioning for directory placeholders (S3) (#5748)
  • [Bugfix] Duplicating file does not retain permissions (#6525)
  • [Bugfix] SSL hostname verification on HTTP redirects
  • [Remove] Dropped support Azure Blob Storage connections (Azure)
  • [Remove] Dropped support Dropbox connections (Dropbox)
  • [Remove] Dropped support Google Drive connections (Google Docs)

4.2.1 (9350) Dec-12-2011
Download (Mac) Download (Windows)

  • [Bugfix] Edited files not uploaded (#6399)
  • [Bugfix] Content-Type not set to proper MIME type of file on upload (WebDAV) (#6433)
  • [Bugfix] Transfer status not saved (#6430)

4.2 (9323) Nov-28-2011
Download (Mac) Download (Windows)

  • [Feature] Drag files between browser windows to copy files from server to server
  • [Feature] Support server side encryption (S3)
  • [Feature] Configure access logs for buckets (Google Cloud Storage)
  • [Feature] Interoperability with OpenSSH to read private key from keychain.
  • [Feature] Connect to multiple projects (Google Cloud Storage) (#5955)
  • [Feature] Support OAuth 2.0 Authentication (Google Cloud Storage) (#5955)
  • [Feature] Support US West (Oregon) location (S3)
  • [Feature] Try public key authentication login with default keys from OpenSSH (SFTP) (#3982)
  • [Bugfix] Performance improvement preparing files for download
  • [Bugfix] ETag mismatch deleting files (Google Docs) (#6204)
  • [Bugfix] Creating new file (WebDAV) (#6341)
  • [Bugfix] No error message when SFTP subsystem is disabled (SFTP) (#5902)

4.1.3 (9045) Sep-28-2011
Download (Mac) Download (Windows)

  • [Bugfix] Freeze after file transfer is complete (#6183)
  • [Bugfix] Connection failure to Eucalyptus Cloud installation (S3) (#6206)
  • [Feature] Copy streaming URLs (Cloudfiles)
  • [Feature] Option to set ACLs for Google Apps Domain (Google Storage)
  • [Feature] Option to set ACLs for Google Group Email Address (Google Storage)
  • [Feature] Allow setting non-metadata headers (Cloudfiles, Openstack Swift) (#6191, #6239)

4.1.2 (8997) Aug-31-2011
Download (Mac) Download (Windows)

  • [Feature] Rename files (Cloudfiles)
  • [Feature] Duplicate files (Cloudfiles)
  • [Bugfix] Select filename only without suffix in browser (#6158)

4.1.1 (8980) Aug-25-2011

  • [Bugfix] Connection failure with email address as username (WebDAV) (#6066)
  • [Bugfix] Synchronisation comparison failures (#6074)
  • [Bugfix] Error listing folders (Openstack Swift) (#6089)

4.1 (8911) Jul-12-2011
Download (Mac) Download (Windows)

  • [Localize] Bulgarian Localization
  • [Feature] Replaced WebDAV protocol implementation
  • [Feature] Sort bookmarks by nickname, hostname or protocol (#5925)
  • [Feature] Set preferred default editor (Windows) (#5729)
  • [Feature] IPv6 support (Windows) (#5699)
  • [Feature] Enable access logs for custom origin distributions (CloudFront)
  • [Feature] Choose target bucket for access logs (CloudFront)
  • [Feature] Choose target bucket for access logs (S3)
  • [Feature] CDN (Akamai) configuration (Cloudfiles UK) (#5989)
  • [Feature] Filter bookmarks by comments (#5926)
  • [Feature] Upload arbitrary file types (Google Docs)
  • [Feature] Support trackpad gestures for navigation and selection (Mac) (#2793)
  • [Bugfix] Delete only trashes documents (Google Docs) (#5873)
  • [Bugfix] Wrong timestamp in transfer prompt (#5916)
  • [Bugfix] Uploading file to collection places it in root folder instead (Google Docs) (#5856)
  • [Bugfix] Support for extended character sets (Windows) (#6016)
  • [Bugfix] Limited to 10'000 containers (Cloudfiles) (6037)
  • [Bugfix] SSL version number incompatibility (#5061)
  • [Bugfix] Donation key validation failure (10.5) (#5846)
  • [Bugfix] CDN URL for files only available after opening Info window (Cloudfiles) (#6040)
  • [Bugfix] Interoperability (FTP) (#5866, #5949)
  • [Bugfix] Copy and edit filenames in browser (Windows) (#5336, #6039)
  • [Bugfix] Preserve modification dates for folders on upload (#6048)

4.0.2 (8601) Mar-25-2011
Download (Mac) Download (Windows)

  • [Feature] SSL URL for files in Akamai CDN enabled containers (Cloud Files)
  • [Feature] Transcript (SFTP) (#2944)
  • [Bugfix] Incomplete transfer synchronizing root directory (WebDAV) (#5662)
  • [Bugfix] Wrong version downloaded (S3 Versioning) (#5758)
  • [Bugfix] Wrong local path for uploads with file chooser (Windows) (#5590)
  • [Bugfix] Interoperability (FTP) (#5763, #5757, #5772, #5771, #5590)
  • [Bugfix] Uploads larger than 100MB fail (Google Docs) (#5712)
  • [Bugfix] Replace password for private key fails (SFTP) (#5754)

4.0.1 (8510) Mar-08-2011
Download (Mac) Download (Windows)

  • [Bu oading folders fails to create directories (#5749)

4.0 (8505) Mar-08-2011
Download (Mac) Download (Windows)

Press Release (en)
Press Release (ja)

  • [Localize] Ukrainian Localization
  • [Feature] Version for Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista & Windows 7.
  • [Feature] Replaced protocol implementation (FTP)
  • [Feature] Connecting to Windows Azure Blob Storage (Azure) (#3938)
  • [Feature] Connecting to Dropbox
  • [Feature] Copy and paste files using menu item to duplicate
  • [Feature] Multipart Uploads with parallelism (S3) (#5487)
  • [Feature] Support new 5TB Object Size Limit (S3)
  • [Feature] Upload item in Finder context menu to upload selected file (Mac)
  • [Feature] Upload item in Services menu of thirdparty programs main menu supporting files and folders (Mac)
  • [Feature] Select bookmark to upload to when dragging files to application
  • [Feature] User interface to create symbolic links (SFTP) (#1724)
  • [Feature] Support for Asia Pacific (Tokyo) location (S3)
  • [Feature] Website endpoint configuration option for buckets (S3)
  • [Feature] CDN configuration for website endpoints as custom origin (CloudFront)
  • [Feature] Invalidation (Purge) of files in CDN (Cloud Files/Akamai)
  • [Feature] Skip option not available in transfer prompt (#1159)
  • [Feature] Open connection in PuTTY Terminal for current working directory (SFTP) (#5593) (Windows)
  • [Bugfix] Limit number of concurrent transfers (#5539)
  • [Bugfix] Qeued transfers start in random order (#5632)
  • [Bugfix] Dragging into topmost folder in browser (#1945)
  • [Bugfix] ACLs getting dropped when updating metadata (S3) (#5571)
  • [Bugfix] .CDN_ACCESS_LOGS folder listing is empty (Cloud Files) (#5350)
  • [Bugfix] Unicode normalization for filenames in upload (#5162)
  • [Bugfix] Duplicate file breaks editing (#5524)
  • [Bugfix] Large transfer history causes slowdown (#2889)
  • [Bugfix] List all files regardless of document ownership (#5570) (Google Docs)
  • [Bugfix] Images always converted to documents (#5601) (Google Docs)
  • [Bugfix] Preserve symbolic links in uploads (#1860) (SFTP)
  • [Bugfix] High CPU usage after transfer has completed (#5640)
  • [Bugfix] Multiple distributions created (CloudFront) (#5675)
  • [Bugfix] Passwords not saved when custom port set (#5623) (Windows)
  • [Bugfix] Switching application interface language (#5718) (Windows)
  • [Bugfix] Uploads with reduced redunandency fail (#5694) (S3) (Windows)

4.0 (Public Beta) (8071) Dec-13-2010

Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 required.

Press Release (en)
Press Release (ja)

  • [Feature] Version for Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista & Windows 7.
  • [Feature] Connecting to Windows Azure Blob Storage (Azure) (#3938)

3.8.1 (7954) Dec-06-2010

  • [Bugfix] Fails to display custom language preference (#5500)
  • [Bugfix] Clear data channels not supported (#5509) (FTP-TLS)
  • [Bugfix] Some files not displayed (#5505) (FTP)
  • [Bugfix] Wrong file size reported for uploads (#5503)

3.8 (7920) Dec-03-2010

Press Release (en)
Press Release (ja)

  • [Feature] CDN configuration with custom origin server (Amazon CloudFront)
  • [Feature] CDN invalidation requests (Amazon CloudFront) (#5197)
  • [Feature] Connecting to Swift Storage (Openstack)
  • [Feature] FireFTP Bookmarks Importer
  • [Feature] CrossFTP Bookmarks Importer
  • [Feature] Perform MD5 hash calculation during upload (#5186) (S3, Cloud Files)
  • [Feature] Rename existing files on upload or download (#5117)
  • [Feature] Show last access timestamp in history (#3805)
  • [Feature] Synchronize comparing MD5 checksum of file (S3, Cloud Files, Dropbox, Azure)
  • [Feature] Display decimal file size (OS X 10.6) (#3771)
  • [Feature] Display relative date in browser (OS X 10.6)
  • [Bugfix] Slow SFTP transfers (#185)
  • [Bugfix] Reduced upload preparation time for thousands of files
  • [Bugfix] Connect through HTTP/HTTPS proxy (#5379)
  • [Bugfix] Support for S3Fox directory placeholders (S3)
  • [Bugfix] Support for Google Storage Console directory placeholders (S3)
  • [Bugfix] Support for s3sync.rb directory placeholders (#5374) (S3)
  • [Bugfix] Connect through HTTP/HTTPS proxy (#5379) (Google Docs)
  • [Bugfix] Changing storage class fails (S3)
  • [Bugfix] Apply ACLs recursively (S3)
  • [Bugfix] Apply custom HTTP headers recursively (S3)
  • [Bugfix] Interoperability (#2609, #4231, #2915) (WebDAV)
  • [Bugfix] SSL version number incompatibility (#5061)
  • [Bugfix] Preserve upload modification date does not work for folders (#3017)
  • [Bugfix] Uploading large documents might fail (#5411) (Google Docs)
  • [Bugfix] Web URL configuration fails for relative default path (#4012)
  • [Bugfix] Support CIDR styled patterns for hosts excluded from proxy settings (#5142)

3.7 (7380) Oct-21-2010

  • [Bugfix] Crash importing Transmit bookmarks for some users (#5351)

3.7 (7367) Oct-20-2010

  • [Feature] Option to upload with temporary name and rename file after transfer is complete (#4165)
  • [Feature] Copy files between browser windows with different sessions (#21)
  • [Feature] Option to display hidden files in upload prompt (#1243)
  • [Feature] Import Transmit favorites (#3073)
  • [Feature] Copy and open multiple URLs(#5135)
  • [Feature] Support for PuTTY private key format (SFTP) (#5322)
  • [Feature] Duplicate Bookmarks using drag and drop with option key
  • [Feature] Display only affected files in synchronization preview (#5226)
  • [Feature] Change update source to snapshot builds in Preferences
  • [Bugfix] Files pasted upload to parent directory (#5155)
  • [Bugfix] Uploading .xlsx or .docx documents fails with permission error (#5169) (Google Docs)
  • [Bugfix] Reading and writing ACLs (Google Docs)
  • [Bugfix] Interoperability with cPanel Web Disk (WebDAV) (#5188)
  • [Bugfix] Downloading previous versions of file (S3) (#5217)
  • [Bugfix] Skip directories with matching timestamp from synchronization (#557)
  • [Bugfix] Not using proper storage URL (#5216) (Swift OpenStack)
  • [Bugfix] Proxy connection failure (#5239) (S3)

3.6.1 (6900) Sep-07-2010

  • [Bugfix] Permissions reset (FTP) (#5132)
  • [Bugfix] Failure reading symbolic link target for directories (SFTP) (#5141)

3.6 (6890) Sep-06-2010

Press Release (en)

  • [Feature] Connecting to Google Storage (Google Storage)
  • [Feature] Edit Access Control List (ACL) (#3191) (S3, Google Storage, Google Docs)
  • [Feature] Enable Bucket Versioning (#4511) (S3)
  • [Feature] Enable Bucket Multi-Factor Authentication Delete (#4510) (S3)
  • [Feature] Display previous file versions in browser (S3)
  • [Feature] Download previous file version (S3)
  • [Feature] Revert to previous file version (S3)
  • [Feature] Default root file (index.html) configuration for distribution (CloudFront)
  • [Feature] Eucalyptus Walrus support enabled by default (S3)
  • [Feature] Duplicate Bookmark (#3385)
  • [Feature] Import bookmarks from thirdparty applications (Filezilla, Fetch, Interarchy, Flow) (#3373)
  • [Feature] Copy directory listing to clipboard (#2372)
  • [Feature] Support for thirdparty terminal applications (#2987)
  • [Feature] Change SSH options for open in (#4232)
  • [Feature] Unsecure connection warning when password is transmitted in plaintext
  • [Feature] Alert to change connection to TLS if server supports AUTH TLS (FTP)
  • [Feature] Edit metadata for multiple files (S3, Google Storage)
  • [Feature] Menu items to copy HTTP, CDN, signed & authenticated URLs to clipboard (#4207))
  • [Feature] Menu items to open HTTP, CDN, signed & authenticated URLs in Web Browser
  • [Feature] Move and rename files and folders (Google Docs)
  • [Feature] Update size display incrementally while calculating recursively (#3213))
  • [Feature] Hidden preference to change SSH options for 'Open in' (#4232))
  • [Feature] Batch editing of S3 metadata (Google Storage, S3) (#5105))
  • [Feature] Show number of active transfers in Dock (#3808))
  • [Feature] Copy directory listing to clipboard (#2372))
  • [Bugfix] Improved interoperability with Eucalyptus Walrus (S3)
  • [Bugfix] Improved interoperability with Dunkel Cloud Storage (S3)
  • [Bugfix] Trust validation failure with self signed certificates for HTTP redirects (WebDAV) ( #2443)
  • [Bugfix] Drag and drop of a file over a bookmark to upload ( #4562)
  • [Bugfix] Connect authenticated to thirdparty buckets (S3) ( #4480)
  • [Bugfix] Connections stalls after long idle (SFTP) ( #5073), #4214), #3941))
  • [Bugfix] Dragging files for upload is slow (#4141))
  • [Bugfix] STAT fails for directories containing spaces in filename (FTP) (#2500))
  • [Bugfix] Upload to drop box gives file listing error (#2552))
  • [Bugfix] Incompatibility with Akamai NetStorage (SFTP) (#4015))
  • [Bugfix] Usability of changing permissions in Info panel (FTP, SFTP) (#3930))

3.5.1 (6115) Jun-15-2010

  • [Bugfix] Crash opening Info window (#4536)
  • [Bugfix] Nested folder not visible (#4534) (Google Docs)
  • [Bugfix] Upload into folder not possible (#4550) (Google Docs)
  • [Bugfix] Downloading spreadsheets fails with permission error (#4538) (Google Docs)
  • [Bugfix] Replacing documents on upload adding new revision (Google Docs)

3.5 (6066) Jun-09-2010

Press Release (en)

  • [Localize] Slovenian Localization
  • [Localize] Romanian Localization
  • [Feature] Google Docs storage support (Google Docs)
  • [Feature] Convert uploads to Google Docs format (Google Docs)
  • [Feature] Download format preferences for documents (Google Docs)
  • [Feature] Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for image uploads (Google Docs)
  • [Feature] Support for Asia Pacific (Singapore) location (S3)
  • [Feature] Support for keyboard-interactive authentiation using SecurID (#4459) (SFTP)
  • [Feature] HTTP plain text connection support to connect to third party S3 servers (#4181) (S3)
  • [Feature] Custom metadata attributes (#4063) (S3, Rackspace Cloud Files)
  • [Feature] Configure Access Logs for CloudFront streaming distributions (S3)
  • [Feature] Option for Reduced Redundancy Storage (RRS) (S3)
  • [Bugfix] Overwrite files causes append (S3) (#4419)
  • [Bugfix] Connect anonymously to public buckets (S3) (#4480)
  • [Bugfix] Help menu items disabled (#4406)

3.4.2 (5902) Apr-10-2010

  • [Localize] Georgian Localization
  • [Feature] Choose localization in preferences
  • [Feature] Option to disable use of system proxy settings in preferences
  • [Feature] Allow arbitrary input for bandwidth throttle (#1746)
  • [Feature] Read hostname alias from ~/.ssh/config (SFTP) (#3819)
  • [Feature] Allow page setup configuration for browser view print (#4139)
  • [Bugfix] Connections fail with at sign in username (WebDAV) (#4097)
  • [Bugfix] SOCKS proxy support broken (#3803)

3.4.1 (5780) Jan-17-2010

  • [Feature] Display checksum of files in Info panel (S3, Rackspace Cloud Files) (#4043)
  • [Bugfix] Incompatibilities when running on OS X 10.5 (#4102)

3.4 (5755) Jan-16-2010

  • [Localize] Serbian Localization
  • [Feature] Support external editors with no ODB support for different file types ( #3834)
  • [Feature] Allow user to define applications to use for editing ( #3112)
  • [Feature] Configure Amaon CloudFront Streaming Distributions (S3) (#4069)

3.3.1 (5676) Jan-05-2010

  • [Feature] Support for new US West Location (S3)
  • [Bugfix] Bookmark menu (#3924)
  • [Bugfix] SOCKS proxy support broken (#3803)
  • [Bugfix] Container listing limited to 10000 files (Rackspace Cloud Files) (#3950)
  • [Bugfix] Synchronisation does not transfer files with equal size (#3100)
  • [Bugfix] Selection in synchronize prompt (#3901)
  • [Bugfix] Bonjour bookmarks ignore TXT record with path and credentials attributes (#3984)
  • [Bugfix] Donation prompt cannot be supressed (#3937)
  • [Bugfix] Error when uploading file with different display name from real filename (#4041)
  • [Bugfix] Quick Connect needs extra keystroke to connect (#3801)
  • [Bugfix] Password in non-default keychain are copied to login keychain (#2878)

3.3 (5552) Nov-13-2009

  • [Feature] Octal input field for permissions (#13)
  • [Bugfix] SOCKS proxy support broken (#3803)
  • [Bugfix] Connect to default bookmark for new browser window (#3798)
  • [Bugfix] Excessive Growl notifications (#2388)
  • [Bugfix] Icon set explicitly for every downloaded file (#3824]
  • [Bugfix] Fails to launch with Japanese locale
  • [Bugfix] Duplicate files in browser listing when sorting by modification date (#3745)
  • [Bugfix] Wrong menu item font size (#3736)
  • [Bugfix] Various bugfixes
  • [Feature] CDN Log Retention (Rackspace Cloud Files)
  • [Feature] PPC support again available
  • [Bugfix] Some localizations broken (#3648)
  • [Bugfix] Various bugfixes and performance improvements
  • [Feature] 64-bit support
  • [Bugfix] Incompatibility with Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) (#3039)
  • [Feature] New application icon (Thanks to Dietmar Kerschner)
  • [Feature] AppleScript support
  • [Feature] Dashboard Widget

3.2.1 (4923) Jul-14-2009

  • [Feature] Create placeholder objects for virtual directory (S3)
  • [Feature] Info window displays signed temporary public URL with a default validity of 24 hours (S3)
  • [Feature] Info window displays BitTorrent URL of file (S3)
  • [Feature] Option to enable Bucket Access Logging in the Info window (S3)
  • [Feature] Option to enable CloudFront Access Logging in the Info window (S3)
  • [Feature] Updated to Cloudfront API Version 2009-04-02 (S3)
  • [Feature] Access third party buckets using anonymous login (S3)
  • [Feature] Editable hostname to connect to third party services implementing S3 (#3125) (S3)
  • [Feature[ Option to specify object expiration using Cache-Control header (#3185) (S3)
  • [Bugfix] MobileMe iDisk upload failures (WebDAV) (#3149)
  • [Bugfix] Overwrite action causes empty downloaded file (#3252)
  • [Bugfix] Status bar is draggable (#2159)

3.2 (4648) Apr-26-2009

  • [Feature] Choose Time Zone for bookmark (FTP) (#434)
  • [Feature] IPv6 Interoperability with support for EPSV and EPRT commands (FTP) (#2539, #2885)
  • [Feature] UTF8 charset negogiation (draft-ietf-ftpext-utf-8-option-00) (FTP)
  • [Feature] Support for directory listings using MLSD (RFC 3659) (FTP)
  • [Feature] Support for Modification Time (MFMT) extension (draft-somers-ftp-mfxx-04) (FTP)
  • [Feature] Support for hierarchical directory structure (Mosso)
  • [Feature] Added Espresso to the list of supported editors ( (#2823)
  • [Feature] Display date of transfer (#1462)
  • [Feature] Display percentage transferred (#2618)
  • [Feature] Option for big sized icons in bookmark list
  • [Feature] Drag URL to browser window to open connection (#2326)
  • [Feature] Display realm of HTTP authentication (WebDAV) (#3083)
  • [Bugfix] Update passwords in Keychain (#2984)
  • [Bugfix] Only reauthenticate when needed (Mosso) (#2876)
  • [Bugfix] Invalid Origin parameter when creating CloudFront distribution (S3) (#3068)
  • [Bugfix] Improve Interoperability (WebDAV) (#2974, #3076)
  • [Bugfix] Different recursive permissions for directory and files (#1787)

3.1.2 (4500) Feb-01-2009

  • [Feature] Enforce hostname verification (SSL)
  • [Feature] Improved container listing performance (Mosso)
  • [Feature] Updated bookmark icons (by Robert Curtis)
  • [Bugfix] Fix Amazon CloudFront distribution configuration
  • [Bugfix] Accept valid certificates without prompt if no explicit trust is given (SSL)
  • [Bugfix] Files not downloaded recursively (S3)
  • [Bugfix] Create and expand archives with space in filename (#2884)
  • [Bugfix] Incorrect CDN URI for public containers (Mosso) (#2875)
  • [Bugfix] Observe bandwidth setting for uploads (Mosso/WebDAV)

3.1.1 (4457) Jan-10-2009

  • [Bugfix] Crash if no default login name is set in Preferences (#2852)
  • [Bugfix] Upload incompatibility (WebDAV) (#2858)

3.1 (4448) Jan-08-2009

  • [Feature] Amazon CloudFront Support (S3)
  • [Feature] Cloud Files Support (Mosso) (#2745)
  • [Feature] Pre-configured protocol settings for MobileMe iDisk (WebDAV)
  • [Feature] Send arbitrary commands over SSH using the 'Send Command...' interface (SFTP) (#3)
  • [Feature] Archive and unarchive files and folders (ZIP, TAR etc.) (SFTP) (#2376)
  • [Feature] Clickable URL fields
  • [Feature] Set quarantine attribute for launch services of downloaded files
  • [Feature] Finder displays URL of downloaded files in 'Where from' in 'Get Info' window
  • [Feature] Download folder in Dock bounces once when download finishes (10.5)
  • [Feature] Read IdentityFile setting from OpenSSH configuration in ~/.ssh/config (SFTP) (#152)
  • [Feature] Default transfer setting for regular expression of skipped files includes GIT and others (#2829)
  • [Feature] Added QuickLook button to toolbar configuration
  • [Feature] Display Favicon for Web URL if available in bookmark window
  • [Feature] NTLM Authentication (WebDAV) (#2835)
  • [Bugfix] Uploads fail with digest access authentication (WebDAV) (#2268)
  • [Bugfix] Microsoft SharePoint interoperability (WebDAV) (#2223)
  • [Bugfix] Manually sorting bookmarks using drag and drop works for the entire row (#2571)
  • [Bugfix] Passwords stored in non default keychain are ignored (#2001)

3.0.3 Oct-20-2008

  • [Bugfix] Arbitrary Crashes (#2142)
  • [Bugfix] Symbolic links not parsed properly for some STAT listings (FTP) (#2435)
  • [Bugfix] Open Web URL fails (#2466)

3.0.2 Aug-10-2008

  • [Localize] Greek Localization
  • [Feature] Added transcript (S3)
  • [Feature] Added transcript (WebDAV)
  • [Feature] Support for faster directory listings using STAT command on the control connection (FTP) (#683)
  • [Feature] Display bookmark view for new browser window (#2252)
  • [Feature] Option in browser context menu to open selected folder in new browser (#2036)
  • [Feature] Option in browser context menu to add bookmark for selected folder (#2222)
  • [Feature] 'Add new bookmark' toolbar button
  • [Fea not select private key in login prompt (SSH) (#2221)
  • [Feature] Authentication with both password and public key (SSH) (#2203)
  • [Bugfix] Moving or copying files to another bucket fails (S3) (#2157)
  • [Bugfix] Folders collapse in outline view when refreshing (#2033)
  • [Bugfix] Cannot connect with empty password (#2109)
  • [Bugfix] Saving when editor exits does not upload edited file (#2120)
  • [Bugfix] Wrong selection with search filter in Transfer window (#2336)
  • [Bugfix] Stop button does not work during countdown to retry transfer (#2121)
  • [Bugfix] Transfers fail using AppleScript (SFTP) (#2244)
  • [Bugfix] Update Growl.framework to 1.1.4

3.0.1 May-18-2008

  • [Feature] Added Taco HTML Edit to the list of supported editors ( (#188)
  • [Bugfix] Cannot connect to servers with unknown host key (#2044)
  • [Bugfix] Cannot edit filename in Info panel (#2049)
  • [Bugfix] External editor failures (#2041, #2039, #2052, #2058)
  • [Bugfix] Missing resume option in transfer prompt
  • [Bugfix] Removed keep connection active feature. (#2057)

3.0 May-14-2008

  • [Feature] Support for file renaming and copying (Amazon S3)
  • [Feature] Support for copying files (WebDAV)
  • [Bugfix] Transfers larger than 2GB fail (SFTP) (#1235)
  • [Feature] Activity Window (#1250)
  • [Localize] Latvian Localization
  • [Feature] Quick Look files in browser (#1580)
  • [Feature] Set corresponding Web URL in bookmark. Open in Browser toolbar button (#1098)
  • [Bugfix] APPE command broken (FTP) (#1915)
  • [Feature] Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) support ( (#1725)
  • [Feature] WebDAV protocol support (#464)
  • [Feature] Search bookmarks (#916)
  • [Feature] Bookmark editor inside browser window instead of drawer
  • [Feature] Read trust settings for certificates from Keychain
  • [Feature] Different editors for different file types (#146)
  • [Feature] PRET (PRE Transfer) command support for distributed FTP ( (#684)
  • [Feature] Skip option not available in transfer prompt (#1159)

2.8.5 Apr-07-2008

  • [Feature] Added ForgEdit to the list of supported editors ( (#1779)
  • [Bugfix] Downloads no longer keep modified date (#1756)
  • [Bugfix] Leap year bug wen parsing date without year (#1813)

2.8.4 Jan-25-2008

  • [Bugfix] Crash when dismissing sheet attached to window (#1616)
  • [Bugfix] Resolving Bonjour names blocks user interface (#1657)
  • [Bugfix] Closing browser window during connection attempt blocks user interface
  • [Bugfix] Downloading to default download location when dragging folder to Finder (#1611)
  • [Feature] Add group ownership as optional browser column (#1590)

2.8.3 Jan-14-2008

  • [Feature] Log Drawer in browser and transfer window
  • [Feature] Toolbar button to open SSH session in current working directory (SFTP) (#1508)
  • [Feature] Added MacVim to the list of supported editors ( (#1322)
  • [Feature] Custom icon for executable files (#945)
  • [Bugfix] Frequent crashes (#1401, #1409)
  • [Bugfix] Does not change to correct directory when using a bookmark to the same server (#1411)
  • [Bugfix] Preserve leading and trailing whitespace when parsing filenames (FTP) (#1381)
  • [Bugfix] Directory parser compatibility with Webstar Server (FTP) (#1302)
  • [Bugfix] Directory parser compatibility with Freebox Server (FTP) (#1258)
  • [Bugfix] Directory parser compatibility with Trellix Server (FTP) (#1213)

2.8.2 Dec-11-2007

  • [Feature] Show transfer progress when using browser session (#1313)
  • [Feature] Accept relative paths in bookmark setting (#1167)
  • [Feature] Added MacVim to the list of supported editors ( (#1322)
  • [Feature] Ugly folder icons rendered (10.5)
  • [Feature] Back and forward history menu for browser navigation buttons (#1080)
  • [Bugfix] Writing corrupted entries to the Keychain (10.5) (#1354)
    Warning! Due to this bug you may have to reenter your passwords the first time connecting to each server
  • [Bugfix] Cannot drag files to working directory when there is no space left (#60)
  • [Bugfix] Bookmarks drawer remembers width (#371)
  • [Bugfix] Crashes after application launch (10.3.9) (#1339)
  • [Bugfix] Downloading multiple files with same name in outline hierarchy (#1400)

2.8.1 Nov-18-2007

  • [Feature] Application code is signed (10.5)
  • [Bugfix] Saving file in external editor does not cause upload (10.5) (#1244)
  • [Bugfix] Login failure with correct credentials (#1231)
  • [Bugfix] Failure to list directory on some servers (SFTP) (#1170)
  • [Bugfix] Transfers fails with punctuation characters in path (SCP) (#1265)

2.8 Sept-10-2007

  • [Feature] Using Ganymed SSH2 library (#185)
  • [Feature] Support for SCP transfers (#1043]
  • [Feature] Queuing file transfers (#986)
  • [Feature] Automatic retry of failed network operations (#783)
  • [Feature] Limit available bandwidth for transfers (#48)
  • [Feature] Browse folder hierarchy in overwrite warning dialog (#18)
  • [Feature] Browse folder hierarchy in synchronisation dialog (#18)
  • [Feature] Use small icons in the bookmark drawer (#--)
  • [Feature] Set the default protocol helper application for FTP and SFTP URLs (#1049)
  • [Feature] Setting default permissions for folders (#77)
  • [Feature] Notes for bookmarks (#67)
  • [Feature] Use system setting for connect mode (FTP)
    Warning! Make sure your setting in System Preferences → Network → Use Passive FTP Mode (PASV) is checked to get the same default setting as in previous versions.
  • [Feature] Added WriteRoom to the list of supported editors (
  • [Feature] Create known hosts file if missing (SFTP)
  • [Bugfix] Improvements to the synchronization dialog (#1189)
  • [Bugfix] Don't use SOCKS proxy if hostname is excluded in system preferences
  • [Bugfix] Resolve Alias files to upload (#859)
  • [Bugfix] Subsequent type-ahead selection misbehaving (#896)

2.7.3 Feb-12-2007

  • [Bugfix] Problem parsing PASV response from some servers (FTP) #779, #869)
  • [Bugfix] Stalls when connection is interrupted during DNS lookup #960)
  • [Bugfix] Improved sorting in 'Kind' browser column #993)
  • [Bugfix] Renaming files using Info panel causes repeated renaming #1005)
  • [Bugfix] Uploading folders interrupts file transfer (SFTP) #1001)
  • [Bugfix] Preference for auto-open delay for spring-loaded folders not saved #633)
  • [Bugfix] Preference to open new browser window on launch not used #997)
  • [Bugfix] Symbolic links on local filesystem not handled properly (#995)
  • [Bugfix] Send creation time of file with UTIME (#--)
  • [Feature] Clear command in History menu (#648)
  • [Feature] Preference to exclude files from transfers using regular expression (#511)

2.7.2 Jan-15-2007

  • [Feature] Option to use single connection for browser and transfers (#57)
  • [Feature] Option to remember open browser windows and reconnect upon relaunching the application (#59)
  • [Feature] Delay for spring-loaded folders can be set (#633)
  • [Feature] Calculate size of directory (#5)
  • [Feature] Duplicate files using option-drag (#150)
  • [Feature] Per bookmark setting for download folder (#158)
  • [Feature] Per bookmark setting to use single connection for browser and transfers (#--)
  • [Feature] Advanced settings in connection and bookmark window in disclosable view
  • [Feature] Added PageSpinner to the list of supported editors ( (#205)
  • [Bugfix] Disconnecting in the background not blocking the user interface (#--)
  • [Bugfix] Folders marked as inaccessible after timeouts and cannot be opened after reconnecting (#611)
  • [Bugfix] Applescript/Dashboard should not use seperate session for transfers (#--)
  • [Bugfix] Cannot write to group writable files (SFTP) (#173)
  • [Bugfix] File length is set to zero if updating permission fails (SFTP) (#974)
  • [Bugfix] Directory listing is not refreshed when upload is completed after "Try Again" (#982)

2.7.1 Nov-29-2006

  • [Localize] Portuguese Localization
  • [Bugfix] Reporting error about failed to set permissions whereas it actually succeeded (#--)
  • [Bugfix] Fail gracefully on uploading when server doesn't support changing permissions (#--)
  • [Bugfix] Disconnecting from server could crash application shortly thereafter (#--)
  • [Bugfix] Outline view not updated after dragged files have been uploaded (#--)
  • [Bugfix] Synchronisation not awaiting selection from user (#--)

2.7 Nov-25-2006

  • [Feature] Don't block user interface when working in browser. All potentially lengthy operations are now performed in the background (#921)
  • [Feature] All (possibly stalled) operations in progress can be interrupted (#943)
  • [Feature] Improved error handling (#--)
  • [Feature] Failed network operations can be repeated (#--)
  • [Feature] A default bookmark can be configured (#915)
  • [Feature] Option to disable spring-loaded folders (#98)
  • [Feature] Individual settings how to treat duplicate files on uploads and downloads (#500)
  • [Feature] Callback to alternate connect mode upon failure (FTP) (#83)
  • [Feature] Add 'Download To...' menu option to download multiple files into designated, non-default directory (#909)
  • [Feature] The bottom of the browser window shows the security status (#9)
  • [Feature] Improvements to the AppleScript dictionary (#737), (#918), (#878), (#922)
  • [Feature] When duplicating files, propose a filename containing the current date and time (#912)
  • [Feature] Added JarInspector to the list of supported editors ( (#--)
  • [Bugfix] Honor the existing permissions when replacing files (#--)

2.6.2 Sep-07-2006

  • [Bugfix] Crash when typing hostname in connection dialog for some users (#711)
  • [Bugfix] Type-ahead selection not working for non-alphanumeric characters (#271)
  • [Bugfix] Control click discards multiple selection (#649)
  • [Bugfix] Timeout too slow giving I/O errors on slow connections (#714)
  • [Bugfix] Passwords stored in Keychain not accessible by other applications (#708)
  • [Bugfix] FTP URLs passed by another application pointing at folders fail to open (#704)

2.6.1 Aug-11-2006

  • [Bugfix] Crash or spinning beachball after upload (#504)
  • [Bugfix] Active mode connections broken (FTP) (#450
  • [Bugfix] Removed graphical error messages for the sake of simplicity; displayed in log drawer instead (#524, #580)
  • [Bugfix] Hostname reachability check slow and blocking user interface (#572, #575)
  • [Bugfix] Fails to delete folders recursively in some cases (#533)
  • [Bugfix] Unilingual builds broken (#436)
  • [Bugfix] Cannot delete symbolic links (#616)

2.6 Jun-07-2006

  • [Localize] Turkish Localization
  • [Feature] Automatic software udpate with Sparkle.framework (Thanks to Andy Matuschak!) (#300)
  • [Feature] Dashboard Widget included (Thanks to Claudio Procida!)
  • [Feature] Marking write-only and non-accessible directories with special icon as in
  • [Feature] Reintroduced transcript drawer in browser window (#104)
  • [Feature] Added transcript drawer to transfer window (#375)
  • [Feature] Option to use Network Diagnostics upon failed connections
  • [Feature] New 'Download failed' and 'Upload failed' Growl notifications (#362)
  • [Feature] Display alert icon in connection dialog if server name cannot be resolved
  • [Feature] Indicate estimated remaining time left for transfers (#43)
  • [Feature] New non-blocking alert boxes replace modal sheets
  • [Bugfix] Stalled connection and file transfer attempts can be interrupted (#55)
  • [Bugfix] Cannot delete empty folders (#162)
  • [Bugfix] Cannot use login username with colon (#309)
  • [Bugfix] Certain operations trigger change of character encoding to default
  • [Bugfix] Unable to delete directory from server (#256)
  • [Bugfix] Permission errors when downloading files from read-only directories (#264)
  • [Bugfix] Change download keyboad shortcut (#277)
  • [Bugfix] Character encoding issues (#238, #333, #361, #390)
  • [Bugfix] Improved compatibility with certain FTP servers
  • [Bugfix] Cannot upload files to drop boxes (#421)

2.5.5 Mar-01-2006

  • [Localize] Hebrew Localization
  • [Bugfix] Excape key cancels editing (#190)
  • [Bugfix] Adjust permissions on created folders when transfering files (#77)
  • [Bugfix] Cannot write to group writable files (SFTP) (#173)
  • [Bugfix] Spotlight binary not executable (#212)
  • [Feature] Added options to use Cyberduck as a portable application (see (#180)
  • [Feature] New Crash Reporter (Thanks to M. Uli Kusterer!) (#195)
  • [Feature] Added skEdit to the list of supported editors (

2.5.4 Jan-20-2006

  • [Localize] Thai Localization
  • [Bugfix] Random crashes (#65, #94, #96, #121, #122)
  • [Bugfix] High load while downloading (#12)

2.5.3 Jan-03-2006

  • [Feature] New and much improved Bonjour implementation
  • [Feature] Inline rename files in browser (Return key invokes editing)
  • [Feature] Paste files copied in (Upload)
  • [Feature] Includes Unsanity Crash Reporter
  • [Bugfix] Renaming files in expanded tree of outline view bogus
  • [Bugfix] Change to invalid directories not catched
  • [Bugfix] Second login attempt always fails (SFTP)

2.5.2 Nov-18-2005

  • [Bugfix] Spinning beachball of death when connecting on some systems
  • [Bugfix] Better validating drop targets in browser

2.5.1 Nov-14-2005

  • [Feature] Dragging files to application icon will upload to frontmost browser
  • [Feature] Printing browser view
  • [Feature] Universal Binary
  • [Bugfix] Child items not refreshed properly in outline view
  • [Bugfix] Warning before overwrite when moving or renaming files
  • [Bugfix] Dragging files to the places them at the dropped position
  • [Bugfix] Always selecting parent directory as drop target when dragging to outline view
  • [Bugfix] Updated application and document icon
  • [Bugfix] Number of files in browser window not displayed correctly
  • [Bugfix] Don't recurse into directories when deleting symbolic links
  • [Bugfix] Overwriting group writable files

2.5 Aug-29-2005

Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later required.
  • [Feature] Graphical interface refinements
  • [Bugfix] Caching issue with multiple connections to the same host
  • [Bugfix] When moving to the parent directory the previous working directory is always selected
  • [Bugfix] Selected files are always remembered when refreshing the browsing list
  • [Bugfix] Remove custom icon and resource fork after download
  • [Feature] Updated navigation bar interface elements
  • [Bugfix] Vastly improved performance when listing directories
  • [Bugfix] Do not reconnect if connecting to the same host from a different bookmark
  • [Bugfix] Sorting history menu correctly
  • [Bugfix] Refresh issues in outline view
  • [Localize] Catalan Localization
  • [Feature] Spotlight Importer for bookmarks
  • [Feature] Synchronize bookmarks with .Mac
  • [Feature] Send custom commands to server (FTP)
  • [Feature] Auto scrolling log view
  • [Feature] Updated application icon (Thanks to Admiral Potato)
  • [Bugfix] New connection dialog remembers field values
  • [Bugfix] Correctly parsing filenames beginning with whitespace (FTP)
  • [Bugfix] Don't allow editing files with well known binary file type extensions
  • [Bugfix] Excluding individual files when synchronising
  • [Bugfix] Improved stability using outline view
  • [Bugfix] Remember sorted column and direction
  • [Bugfix] Sort child items in browser outline view
  • [Localize] Indonesian Localization
  • [Bugfix] Resorting browser view will not change selection
  • [Bugfix] Remember state of expanded items in outline view
  • [Bugfix] Applescript issues
  • [Feature] Updated to Growl 0.7
  • [Feature] Edit menu shows all available editors
  • [Feature] FTP using TLS support (using AUTH TLS as in draft-murray-auth-ftp-ssl-16) for the control channel (sending login credentials) and optionally the data channel (file listings and transfers) if the server is capable of.
  • [Feature] Store X.509 certificates in Keychain
  • [Feature] Custom icon with progressbar in the Finder when downloading files
  • [Feature] Browser outline view
  • [Feature] Toolbar button to switch view
  • [Feature] History of recently connected hosts
  • [Feature] Set character encoding per bookmark
  • [Feature] Set connect mode (active/passive) per bookmark (FTP)
  • [Feature] Show folders in working directory (and autocomplete) in 'Go to Folder' dialog
  • [Feature] Exclude duplicate files from transfer upon alert
  • [Feature] Apply button in file info dialog
  • [Feature] Duplicate files on server
  • [Feature] Preferences window with toolbar
  • [Feature] Option to turn off disconnect prompt in Preferences
  • [Feature] Option to keep connection alive in Preferences
  • [Feature] Choose character encoding in connection dialog
  • [Feature] Choose connect mode in connection dialog (FTP)
  • [Feature[ Drop down list of folders in Goto dialog
  • [Feature] Sorting files by permission
  • [Feature] UTF-8 is now used as the default character encoding
  • [Feature] Edit with non-default editor using the browser context menu

2.4.6 May-30-2005

Mac OS X 10.3 or later required.
  • [Bugfix] Right-click a file in the browser will first select before it displays the contextual menu
  • [Bugfix] Transfer success notification when remote editing file even when transfer fails (Growl)
  • [Bugfix] Resolved incompatibility with SSH-1 keys in ~/.ssh/known_hosts (SFTP)
  • [Bugfix] Applescript compatiblity issues with 10.4
  • [Bugfix] Browser column width compatiblity issues with 10.4
  • [Bugfix] Could not drag bookmark file to drawer when empty
  • [Bugfix] Ignored custom port when selecting bookmark in connection dialog

2.4.5 May-04-2005

  • [Feature] Added Tag to the list of supported editors (
  • [Bugfix] No permissions set on transferred files when connection closed unexpectedly (SFTP)
  • [Bugfix] Resuming uploads might corrupt files (SFTP)

2.4.4 Apr-27-2005

  • [Localize] Danish Localization
  • [Localize] Polish Localization
  • [Feature] Added CSSEdit to the list of supported editors (
  • [Feature] Added CotEditor to the list of supported editors (
  • [Feature] Gray out files in browser view when disconnected
  • [Bugfix] Unexpected null reply received (FTP)

2.4.3 Apr-11-2005

  • [Bugfix] Browser refresh issues
  • [Bugfix] Synchronization
  • [Localize] Hungarian Localization
  • [Bugfix] Modification date changed when uploading files from the external editor
  • [Bugfix] Browser window could lock up when reconnecting and login was needed
  • [Feature] Disconnect item in menubar

2.4 Mar-28-2005

  • [Localize] Swedish Localization
  • [Feature] Additional encryption ciphers supported (SFTP)
  • [Feature] Action dropdown menu in toolbar
  • [Feature] Added Jedit X to the list of supported editors (
  • [Feature] Added mi to the list of supported editors (
  • [Feature] Added Smultron to the list of supported editors (
  • [Bugfix] Rendezvous implementation updated
  • [Bugfix] Folder to synchronize not selectable in some cases
  • [Bugfix] Fallback to default directory when specified directory doesn't exist
  • [Bugfix] Resolved incompatibility with SSH-1 keys in ~/.ssh/known_hosts (SFTP)
  • [Bugfix] Resolved crash in info window when group was unknown
  • [Bugfix] Dragging files to the Finder
  • [Bugfix] Reordering bookmarks
  • [Bugfix] SSH exception handling (SFTP)
  • [Bugfix] Bookmark selection in connection dialog
  • [Bugfix] Items in transfer window not removed
  • [Bugfix] Deleting more than one bookmark at once
  • [Bugfix] Corrupted resource files in Chinese localization
  • [Bugfix] Corrupted resource files in Japanese localization
  • [Localize] Russian Localization
  • [Feature] Preliminary AppleScript support (see .scpt script samples)
  • [Feature] Quick Connect field and hostname field in connection dialog accept URLs as input
  • [Feature] Reordering bookmarks using drag and drop
  • [Bugfix] Deleting more than 10 files at once
  • [Bugf x] Typing in transfer window causes crash
  • [Bugfix] Transcript causes crash
  • [Bugfix] Reporting correct file size for large files
  • [Bugfix] Disable resume on ASCII tranfers (FTP)
  • [Bugfix] Incompatiblity with Filezilla Server (FTP)
  • [Bugfix] Synchronizing current working directory
  • [Bugfix] Graceful failure on SSH connection problems
  • [Bugfix] Correctly resolving '~' in filenames
  • [Feature] Allow the selection of files in the browser by typing more than just the first character of the filename
  • [Feature] A bookmark in the drawer can be selected by typing its hostname
  • [Feature] Preserve the modification date on upload (SFTP)
  • [Feature] Preserve the modification date on upload if the server supports 'CHMOD UTIME' (FTP)
  • [Bugfix] Determine changed files based on modification date when synchronizing
  • [Bugfix] Opening an URL linking to a file opens a browser window
  • [Bugfix] Changing the username of a newly created bookmark of a connected server might affect an existing bookmark of the same server but with a different username.
  • [Bugfix] Logging the response of 'LIST' (FTP)
  • [Bugfix] Selection of bookmark in connection dialog
  • [Bugfix] Performance issue in log view (thanks to Douglas Davidson)
  • [Feature] Live scrolling log view
  • [Feature] Synchronization of files
  • [Feature] Create new files on server
  • [Feature] Support for Novell Netware file listings (FTP)
  • [Feature] Growl notification support (see
  • [Feature] Limit number of concurrent connections to a remote host
  • [Feature] Move remote files with copy & paste
  • [Feature] Select a file in the browser by typing its first character
  • [Feature] Put remote files into the transfer queue with copy & paste
  • [Feature] Apply permissions recursively
  • [Feature] Option to apply default permissions to transferred files in Preferences
  • [Feature] Option to preserve modification date on download in Preferences
  • [Feature] Switch encoding per browser with menu or toolbar item
  • [Feature] Switch 'Show hidden files' per browser with menu or toolbar item
  • [Feature] Transfer Queue with "Aqua" progress indicator
  • [Feature] Provide a proxy icon for the connection in the window title bar
  • [Feature] The proxy icon in the window title bar can then be dragged to the bookmark drawer or the Finder
  • [Feature] Bookmarks of recently connected hosts are saved in ~/Library/Application Support/Cyberduck/History
  • [Feature] Updated toolbar icons (Thanks to Matt Ball)
  • [Feature] Display the number of files in the browser
  • [Feature] Added TextMate to the list of supported editors (see
  • [Feature] Dialog for duplicated files lists all at once instead of consecutively asking
  • [Feature] Filter field is now a standard search field
  • [Feature] Read bookmarks from "/Library/Application Support/Cyberduck/" instead of the individual user bookmarks file if available
  • [Feature] Check for running transfers on application quit
  • [Feature] Updated FTP core (FTP)
  • [Feature] Saving passwords as 'Internet Password' in the Keychain
  • [Localize] Norwegian Localization
  • [Bugfix] Update existing browsers when changing the default interface attributes in the Preferences
  • [Bugfix] Don't cache DNS lookups forever
  • [Bugfix] Bookmark drawer icon has no text-only equivalent
  • [Bugfix] Tabbing between browser and filter box
  • [Bugfix] Quick Connect Field has initial focus
  • [Bugfix] Live scrolling log view

2.3.3 Aug-09-2004

Mac OS X 10.2 or later required.
  • [Bugfix] Correctly parsing symbolic links

2.3.2 Aug-05-2004

  • [Feature] Slovak Localization
  • [Feature] Czech Localization
  • [Feature] Support for EPFL file listings to support servers running "publicfile" (FTP)
  • [Bugfix] Improved PASV response parsing (FTP)
  • [Feature] Supporting SOCKS proxies (not tested)
  • [Feature] Change file permissions on multiple files
  • [Feature] Copy the URL of a remote site
  • [Bugfix] Use date formatting rules set in the System Preferences
  • [Featuer] Preference item to set the action when double-clicking files (Download or edit)
  • [Bugfix] Remembering the position of the browser window
  • [Bugfix] Compatibility with servers not supporting the SIZE command (FTP)

2.3.1 June-15-2004

  • [Localize] Chinese (Simplified) Localization
  • [Feature] Rendezvous services in Bookmark menu
  • [Bugfix] Upper level directories had to be listed first when uploading files
  • [Bugfix] Changes to bookmarks won't be saved
  • [Bugfix] Preference item to disable the update check
  • [Bugfix] Toolbar item to open downloaded files with default application
  • [Bugfix] Graceful application termination (Properly ask to close all connections and then quit)
  • [Bugfix] Remembering choosen directories in open and save dialogs

2.3 May-15-2004

  • [Feature] Supporting Keyboard Interactive (PAM) Authentication (SSH)
  • [Localize] Finnish Localization
  • [Bugfix] Fixed a bug which caused not all available Rendezvous services to get listed
  • [Bugfix] Removed 'Type ahead' feature of the browser (responsible for frequent crashes)
  • [Feature] Much improved queue management (fewer connections)
  • [Feature] Resume downloads (SFTP)
  • [Feature] Resume uploads (SFTP)
  • [Feature] Resume uploads (FTP)
  • [Feature] Move files on remote host by drag and drop
  • [Feature] Drag files onto bookmark to quickly upload
  • [Feature] Bookmarks are shown in the menu
  • [Feature] Menu item 'Download As...'
  • [Feature] Editing multiple files in the external editor with the same name
  • [Feature] Warning if a duplicate exists when uploading files
  • [Feature] 'Apply to all' checkbox in dialog asking for replace/resume/skip existing files
  • [Feature] Improved caching of directory listings
  • [Feature] When dropping files onto folders it will upload these into the folder
  • [Feature] When typing the first letter of a file it gets selected in the browser
  • [Feature] Toolbar button to remove all completed items from the queue
  • [Feature] Convert line endings when downloading in ASCII mode (FTP)
  • [Feature] Auto transfer mode (FTP)
  • [Feature] Dock menu item to open new browser
  • [Bugfix] Correctly updating incorrect keychain entries
  • [Bugfix] Preserve modification date when downloading files
  • [Bugfix] Ignoring .DS_Store files
  • [Feature] External editor support (SubEthaEdit, BBEdit, TextWrangler, Text-Edit Plus)

2.2 Mar-06-2004

  • [Feature] Supporting folders with sticky/set-uid/set-gid bits (FTP)
  • [Localize] Updated Dutch localization
  • [Localize] Updated French localization
  • [Feature] Preliminary support for Windows, VMS and OS/2 file listings (FTP)
  • Properly deleting symbolic links (FTP)
  • [Feature] Displaying link icons in browser
  • [Bugfix] Downloading files from FTP servers not supporting the SIZE command (FTP)
  • [Bugfix] Fixed a bug where overwritten files with SFTP got corrupted (Thanks to Jan!)
  • [Feature] Contextual Menu support
  • [Bugfix] Bug fixes
  • [Localize] Chinese (Traditional) Localization
  • [Localize] Korean Localization
  • [Feature] Passphrases for private key files are stored in the Keychain (SSH)
  • [Feature] Bookmark editor allows to specify the port number
  • [Feature] When a bookmark is edited, the properties are updated in the bookmark drawer instantly
  • [Feature] A confirmation dialog is displayed before deleting a bookmark
  • [Feature] A confirmation dialog is displayed when connecting to a new site in a browser still connected to another host
  • [Bugfix] Transcript messages are only shown in the corresponding browser
  • [Bugfix] Fixed a bug which caused the browser window to be 'frozen' after an upload
  • [Feature] Option to adjust the 'LIST' command sent (FTP)
  • [Bugfix] Fixed a bug which caused a crash when not connected to a network
  • [Feature] Updated application icon
  • [Bugfix] Fixed a bug that with some servers the permissions could not be modified (FTP)
  • [Bugfix] When addding a transfer to the queue it is highlighted
  • [Bugfix] Improved login process
  • [Localize] Updated Japanese localization
  • [Feature] Caching folder listings
  • [Bugfix] Auto-refresh the folder listing after uploading a file
  • [Feature] Sending 'LIST -a' to list directories (FTP)
  • [Bugfix] Fixed a bug where entries in the queue would be deleted too early
  • [Localize] Updated Japanese localization
  • [Localize] Updated French localization
  • [Localize] Updated Portuguese localization
  • [Localize] Updated Italian localization
  • [Bugfix] The log is now written with a fixed-width font
  • [Feature] Keychain integration
  • [Feature] New file transfer manager
  • [Feature] Full Unicode support
  • [Feature] Support for public key authentication (SSH)
  • [Feature] Live filtering directory listings
  • [Feature] Improved Rendezvous support (jmDNS 0.2)
  • [Feature] Drag files from the browser to the transfer manager
  • [Feature] Drag links to the transfer manager to start download
  • [Feature] Browser can be customized to show/hide certain columns
  • [Localize] Japanese Localization
  • [Localize] Italian Localization
  • [Localize] Portuguese Localization
  • [Localize] Spanish Localization
  • [Localize] French Localization
  • [Bugfix] Various improvements and bug fixes

2.1 Dec-08-2003

  • [Feature] Bookmarks can now be edited.
  • [Feature] Bookmarks can now be saved as a regular file (Drag the bookmarks to the Finder).
  • [Feature] Bookmarks saved as files can be imported by dropping them on the Bookmarks Drawer.
  • [Feature] Double clicking a Cyberduck bookmark file in the Finder will open a new browser and connect to the remote site
  • [Feature] An initial directory upon new connection can now be specified (e.g. public_html instead of the default home).
  • [Feature] Use keyboard shortcut (commann-up/down) for browsing a directory
  • [Bugfix] Uploaded files now have the same permissions as the corresponding local files
  • [Feature] Updated icon set
  • [Bugfix] The sort order is now remembered while browsing
  • [Feature] Toolbar icon to toggle Bookmark drawer
  • [Feature] Updated SSH Core (v0.2.5)
  • [Localize] Dutch Localization
  • [Localize] German Localization
  • [Feature] HTTP is now supported again. Files can be downloaded from regular web servers.
  • [Feature] Cyberduck can now be configured as the default FTP helper application. See This seems to work with Safari and Internet Explorer.
  • [Bugfix] Dragging files to the Finder is now more reliable.
  • [Bugfix] The transfer panel does now close again if defined so in the preferences.
  • [Feature] The buffer size (the size of download chunks to keep in memory before writing to disk) is now adjustable.
  • [Feature] Login to anonymous FTP servers where no password is needed is now supported.
  • [Feature] Cyberduck now has the official creator code 'CYCK'.
  • [Localize] Localization support
  • [Feature] Files and foldes can now be dragged to the Finder to download them.
  • [Feature] Windows do now no more stack exactly on the top of prior one.
  • [Feature] There are now equivalent menu actions for the toolbar items.
  • [Bugfix] Modification dates and time are now displayed correctly.
  • [Bugfix] The modification date column is now sorted correctly.
  • [Bugfix] Browser columns are now sortable in both directions.
  • [Bugfix] When deleting multiple files and directores, the file list will now only get updated at the end because of performance.
  • [Bugfix] If multiples have been selected to transfer, Cyberduck now puts them in the same queue and opens only one connection to the server.
  • [Feature] There is a new command 'Go to folder' for changing the working directory quickly.
  • [Feature] Using the Cocoa Framework (instead of Java Swing)
  • [Feature] Support for SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) connections

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